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Hubbell NHC1022ZP - Cord Connector, .312-.375in, .5In Conduit

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Metal Strain Relief Cord Connectors. Liquid-Tight Cord Connectors and Liquid-Tight Cord Mesh Grips. More durable and reliable than cast metal parts. UL Listed, CSA Certified. Patented split-hinge. Gotcha ring, color-coded by cord size, grips conductor through cord jacket. Factory-lubricated bushing provides even compression, ensures liquid-tight seal around cord, and minimizes tension on terminals. Use nylon for washdown areas. Use aluminum when lighter weight or better corrosion resistance is desired. Use zinc-plated steel for higher impact resistance and tensile strength.

Additional Info:

Strain Relief Cord Connector, Cord Diameter 0.250-0.375in, Hub Size 1/2in, Length 2.38in, Width 2.20in, Machined Zinc Plated Steel Metal, 90 Degrees

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