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Fire Wedged Connectors

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The BURNDY WEJTAP™ connector uses an aluminum alloy Wedge that is power-driven between the run and tap cables, locking them into a "C" shaped aluminum alloy spring-body.

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JTAP System Overview

The BURNDY WEJTAP™ System components are designed to provide the most reliable connections available, with safer and easier installations.The system consists of a WEJTAP™ connector, installation tools and power-boosters.

The BURNDY WEJTAP™ connector uses an aluminum alloy Wedge that is power-driven between the run and tap cables, locking them into a "C" shaped aluminum alloy spring-body.

A wiping action takes place during installation between the conductors and wedge which provides additional cleaning of surface oxides to supplement wire brushing. In addition, the contact grooves are lined with a patented PENETROX™ oxide inhibiting compound to enhance superior contact surface integrity.

  • FAST
  • SAFE

 The Wedge is automatically locked onto the spring-body by a skiving action produced by a lance located at the forward end of the installation tool. During the life of the connection, the spring-body continues to maintain pressure to ensure a reliable connection.

Simplified loading & unloading Speeds installation--unique breech opening design dramatically reduces connector installation time
Automatic gas release vented away from operator Eliminates manual gas venting and improves safety
Single-piece tool design Frees installer hands for safer, faster connector installations
Large "acme-type" threads Provides smooth, fast frame changes and rapid connector engagement
Contained booster ejection system Safer operation--prevents booster from being ejected in direction of installer
Color-coded connectors & boosters Easier selection by installer
Factory coated grooves with PENETROX PENA 13 Helps to maintain low contact resistance and inhibit oxidation
Nylon-cased booster cartridges Very resistant to splitting or cracking
Large conductor chamfer on wedge Instant hand or visual identification of large run conductor grooves
Fewer and improved hotstick accessories Very resistant to splitting or cracking


The Burndy WEJTAP™ connector system is uniquely designed to provide unparalleled reliability both in terms of tooling operation and long-term performance of connection produced. Specific features and benefits include:


Unique C-member design: The extrusion line and grain-elongation directions in Burndy wedge connectors run along the direction of wedge insertion producing superior clamping forces and affording enhanced debris dispersal which allows oxide inhibitor/contaminants to flow out of the way of direct metal-to-metal contact.

Sand-cast wedge component: Burndy WEJTAP™ sand-cast aluminum alloy wedge produces an abrasive surface that enhances the wiping action achieved during the rapid wedge insertion and serves to disrupt and remove oxides present on the conductor surface.


Weather-proof, rim-fired booster: The power booster utilized in the Burndy WEJTAP™ system is of a rim-fire design, employs a brass power cell contained within a plastic piston and encased within a nylon cartridge. The power booster uses standard black powder and gases through a pre-designed vent hole. This design is waterproof, extremely reliable and provides a unique recessed power cell for added safety.

Cost Savings

No misfires:  Misfired boosters are not only aggravating, they also inflate labor costs by lengthening time required to complete the job while measurably increasing material expenditures. With WEJTAP™ rim-fired booster design, misfires are so rarely experienced as to not be even the slightest issue.

Fast loading/unloading: Unique, patented, one-piece tool design eliminates the need to disassemble the tool (into two separate parts) for loading and unloading. This speeds installation and reduces labor costs.

Cleans up quickly: With Burndy WEJTAP™, tool cleaning is much quicker, less involved and easier to accomplish. As cleaning Burndy tooling is less time-consuming, associated labor costs are reduced.

Fewer tool repairs: The Burndy WEJTAP™ installation tool is constructed of finest possible materials in order to handle the rigorous demands associated with utility line construction work and with no piercer pin to erode, requires less service and repairs.

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