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Energy Meters and Analyser


Rs. 5.00
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No. of Quantity: 2,000

Alarm Annunciator ANC8/ ANC16

Product Sepecification: 

Double-colored, backlit display

• Assigning alarm channels to “HORN” or “ALARM” relay individually by a dip-switch

• “HORN” channels displayed by green and “ALARM” channels by red (when alarm signal is


• Isolated RS-485 port

• Standard MODBUS RTU protocol

• Real time clock supported by lithium battery (minimum 5 years of battery life)

• Real-time event recording up to 6080 logs

• 24V, 48V, 110V and 220V AC/DC signal input

• Two modes of operation for alarm detection:

• when signal is received

• when a continuous signal is interrupted

• Adjustable alarm detection delay (0-30 seconds)

• 2 operation modes when displaying an alarm: ‘CONSTANT’ and ‘PULSE’

• With front panel keys; user can test display windows, verify and delete alarms

• Alarm warning with an internal buzzer

• 2 relay outputs named as “HORN” and “ALARM”

• Flexible configuration by dip-switches and MODBUS

• Low power consumption

• Wide supply range

• Wide operation temperature range

Pricing for ANC-16 24VDC   

Rs. 8,700.00
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Rs. 5.00
No. of Quantity: 
No. of Quantity: 2,000


Product Sepecification: 

LCD Screen, Turkish/English/Russian language options

Password protection

1MByte memory

Phasor diagram

Signal waveforms

Fixed current input terminal block

Active (import and export) and reactive (inductive and capacitive) energy indeces; current hour, previous

hour; current day, previous day, current month, previous month energy values

MODBUS RTU communication with an isolated RS485 port

Rs. 17,000.00
No. of Quantity: